The Jones Studio is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Columbus Ohio’s historic German Village. We have united the disciplines of Architecture, Interiors, Garden Design and Urban Design into a vertically integrated practice that has the sensitivity to handle anything from small intimate gardens - to the interior architecture of an apartment - to the urban design of entire neighborhoods.

Our interior architecture studio and landscape studio provides integrated services to residential as well as commercial and institutional clients in broad stylistic ranges.

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  • Homes

    The Jones Home Studio is the backbone of the design practice. For a couple of decades, the studio has been designing fine residences within the central Ohio region. The studio has a broad range of stylistic work ranging from classic, neo-traditional work, to delightful contemporary and modern environments.

    The size and scale of the work varies dramatically. The reputation of the practice is identified less around stylistic or scale considerations and more around the consistent attention to detail and the thoroughness of a design ethos being evidenced in the outcome.

    The design process with the client is quite iterative- we enjoy the engagement with clients around specific problem-solving for their unique projects and facilitate corporate analysis. We find success with the combined ownership that our clients experience in their projects

  • Interiors

    The Jones Interior Studio has developed an integrated approach to providing interior design services for our residential and commercial clients. Our process focuses on developing a thorough understanding of clients needs and aesthetic inclinations.

    Many of our projects begin as simple creative brainstorming with clients to set the overall tone for their space, and evolve into long term relationships that include anything from space planning to bespoke furniture. Rather than coming to a project with our own preconceptions of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ process, we tailor our services to support the specific objectives of the project.

    The stylistic and scale variations that we have been able to explore in our work is quite versatile: our work can range from a single room consultation to a complete interior architecture and design package for a new home, clubhouse, or restaurant.

  • Gardens

    The Jones Garden Studio has grown the garden designs of many of our homes and neighborhoods. The garden studio integrates with the architecture that the studio undertakes. The continuity and seamlessness of our interior architecture and the exterior gardens design has become a trademark of our work.

    While we do not execute all of the landscapes for our architectural work and still have great relationships with other landscape architectural practitioners, we are noted for pursuing a strong link between the built and the natural environments.

    Our Landscape design process will often begin at the very offset of the first architectural meetings in order to capture strong connections to the natural characteristics of a given site.

  • Urban design

    The Jones Urban Studio has grown out of the opportunity to design urban residential, mixed-use, and civic projects in our region and in key locations around the U.S. The planning, architecture, and landscape work that we have undertaken in our own region with the design of neighborhoods and sensible infill projects has afforded the opportunity to work in other cities around the country.

    We are proponents of ‘New Urbanism’ and are committed to pursuing sustainable methods of re-building and restoring the urban cores of the cities in which we work.